Themes by Suqarcoat

How to Install a Theme:

1) Find a theme that you want to use for your blog.

2) Click "Live Preview and Code" on the post of the theme you want to use.

3) Find the word "Code" and click on the word, it will take you to a website with HTML coding.

4) Copy all of the HTML coding.

5) Go back to your blog and click on the "Customize" button.

6) Click on "Edit HTML" and delete all of the coding.

7) Paste the code you have just copied into your HTML.

8) Update by clicking on "Update Preview" and save your new theme by clicking on "Save."

9) Customize the appearance of your blog however you would like, save it like before and enjoy your new theme!

Stats and Updates

∞This blog was created on 8.5.13.

∞Theme 1 was posted on 8.9.13.

∞This blog follows back.

∞Custom theme requests are now open.

∞Break from 12.20.13 to 01.06.14.